No Sympathy for Horsey

January 10, 2003

Okay, so I’m forcing myself to sit down and write something even though I’m not entirely sure what it is I want to write about.

Last night I went to Sammi’s volleyball game and, I’m sorry to say, Sam was totally off her game (not usually the case). So she got pulled and Horsey was sent in to play in her place.

I loathe Horsey. She’s one of those really big, really tall, overweight girls who makes it a point to be really loud and obnoxious and goof around a lot to cover her insecurities. She could be a very good volleyball player, but she’s far too busy fucking around to do it. For example- she has a killer hard serve that often lands out of bounds. Any monkey would know that backing up a few steps would help with this issue. But what does Horsey do? She stands in the same exact place and laughs when she fucks up like it’s the funniest thing in the world.

So after the game I was chatting with some people and saw Horsey go by in tears, with about four girls trying desperately to console her. Someone asked what was wrong with her and the response was “Horsey didn’t get enough playing time.” News flash – if she would act for ONE SECOND as though she cared about what she was doing, she might be in the game more, because she’s not a bad player. But whatever.

Apparently, Horsey has an excuse. Through some convoluted family history situation, she’s not being raised by her parents. But the person who IS raising her is lavishing her with all kinds of stuff, like two purebreed horses which she takes to shows all the time, clothes, and the real kicker – a brand new Ford Mustang. Horsey’s only 15 or 16. She doesn’t even have her license yet. She may not even have her learner’s permit. Yet she has a brand new car waiting for her that’s worth more money than my current and previous cars put together. But, you know, “she has no family,” so we should all feel sorry for her.

I said aloud that if the worst thing that happens to her in high school is having to sit on the bench for awhile at a volleyball game, then she’ll be in pretty good shape.

I’m sorry that bad things happen to people but I don’t think it excuses obnoxious behavior, and it irks me when people try to insinuate that it should.

So fine, I’m an unsympathetic bitch. So be it.

* * *

The weekend is almost here! I’m trying not to spend money so I’ll probably stay home and sleep in and watch movies or something. E loaned me Rushmore and Harold and Maude so I’ll watch those, and I’ll probably rent Signs so my parents can see it. That movie scared the bejeebus out of me.

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